Defensible Cybersecurity Strategists

We have all heard that, when it comes to a cybersecurity incident, it is not a matter of if one will occur, but rather a matter of when.  When the inevitable breach occurs, your organization will likely have to defend its cybersecurity program to your clients, shareholders, regulators, and even a judge or jury.  Is your cybersecurity program defensible?  Most executives think that they have a strong cybersecurity program but many experts, including the United States Department of Defense (“DoD”), would disagree.  The DoD recently asserted that less than one percent (1%) of the Defense Industrial Base (“DIB”) has a strong cybersecurity program that is well aligned with industry standards.  If that is true for organizations that help keep the United States secure, the number is likely to be even lower for non-DIB organizations.  Fathom Cyber’s maturity assessments, which leverage industry standards such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, NIST SP 800-171, FAR 52.204-21, and the Center for Internet Security’s Top 20 Controls, will give your executives confidence that your organization is well-positioned in the event of an incident and insight into any changes that should be taken to improve overall security. Contact Fathom Cyber to schedule your maturity assessment today.

Protecting Executives and the Entire Organization

A defensible cybersecurity program helps the entire organization, including the officers, directors, and other executives, as well as the technical and security staff, to demonstrate the steps it has been taking to protect itself.  Shareholders, proxy services, regulators, and legislators hold organizations’ Boards of Directors and executives personally responsible for securing the organization’s digital assets and for ensuring consumer and customer data are kept private.  But most C-level executives and Directors do not have the technical background needed to understand today’s cutting-edge cybersecurity tools or the complex web of data privacy laws. How do these senior executives meet their oversight obligations if they can’t understand the information they receive? By changing the way the organization’s staff, including the IT and legal staff, reports on its efforts. Instead of focusing on ports, TCP/IP headers, encryption types, or a sea of acronym-filled regulations, cybersecurity and data privacy information must be reported in business terms.  We empower them with the business-based information they need to effectively govern the organization’s cybersecurity and data privacy efforts.

Help When You Need It

We know that cybersecurity and data privacy are intimidating for many organizations. We also know that the best-laid plans are of no value if the organization cannot execute those plans. That is why, in addition to our advisory services, Fathom Cyber provides a range of hands-on technical services. These services include security operations, IT service management, and desktop support. Contact Fathom Cyber for more information.