The State of Connecticut’s Cybersecurity Action Plan

The State of Connecticut recently released a Cybersecurity Action Plan.  This plan makes it clear that if companies don’t start taking cybersecurity and data privacy more seriously, the state, and even the federal government, will be forced to step in and add even more legislation and regulations.  Can your organization quickly identify:

  • the kinds of data it holds, whose data it is, and where it is located;
  • the customers who are supported by a particular computing resource;
  • the internal business processes and functions that are supported by a resource;
  • the controls that are in place to limit access to authorized users; and
  • the dependencies between the different computing systems?

If not, how can your organization expect to show regulators or shareholders that it is taking cybersecurity and data privacy seriously?  The first step in taking cybersecurity seriously is to make cybersecurity make sense.  Fathom Cyber can help.