Cybersecurity Insurance

When most people think of cybersecurity, they think about using tools to stop bad actors. It is about find business-intelligent ways to mitigate risks. One popular mitigation technique is cyber insurance. But cyber insurance is undergoing a lot of changes as insurance companies rush to adapt to customer demands and changes in both the way companies conduct business and the corresponding changes in risks. Does your insurance policy cover the way your organization conducts business? Is the value of the coverage appropriate? Is your organization able to prove to the insurance company that it is meeting its obligations under the contract?

As a recent article from Hewlett-Packard Packard alludes to, a well-structured cybersecurity plan takes these and other issues into account. Fathom Cyber can help your organization assess its cybersecurity plan, identify shortcomings, and create a roadmap for addressing those issues that aligns with your organization’s business priorities, including mitigation plans like cyber insurance.