Fathom Cyber in the News

Fathom Cyber’s Jim Goepel was interviewed in an article about the importance of a strong cybersecurity culture and appropriate policies for companies looking to implement a Bring your own Device (“BYOD”) plan.  For many companies, BYOD is a boon, helping to cut costs and improving employee morale by allowing employees to use devices they already have and with which they are comfortable.  But for many companies, BYOD quickly becomes BYODB…Bring your own Data Breach.  Executives must  carefully examine the risks and rewards before authorizing a BYOD policy, and they must ensure that appropriate controls are in place to measure, monitor, and assess the effectiveness of those controls.  Fathom Cyber’s unique approach to cybersecurity helps ensure not only that the risks and rewards are carefully identified and balanced, but also that they decisions made are properly documented for regulatory, compliance, and litigation defense purposes.