James Goepel selected to present his research at Drexel University’s 5th Annual International Research Showcase

Fathom Cyber’s CEO, Jim Goepel, is an adjunct professor of cybersecurity in both Drexel University’s Lebow College of Business and Thomas R. Kline School of Law and Drexel University. Since joining Drexel, Jim Goepel has been working with Professor Paul Flanagan on an innovative approach to cybersecurity and data privacy risk management. Drexel University has asked Jim and Paul to present their research as part of Drexel’s 5th Annual International Research Showcase on May 27, 2020. Using Professor Goepel’s and Professor Flanagan’s unique approach, organizations can implement an holistic enterprise risk management program that creates an agile business environment while adding structure necessary to properly manage regulatory, legal, cyber, data privacy, and other risks. Their approach includes risk definition and management techniques, carefully tailored policies and procedures, and strong compliance and audit functions. More details about Professor Flanagan’s and Professor Goepel’s approach will be included in an upcoming technology journal published by the National University of Singapore.