Selective Cybersecurity Data Filtering

The article below confirms something we at Fathom Cyber see all too often: that executives are given a false sense of security by their IT staff. The data they receive is cherry-picked so only the mitigable threats are shown, and the things the staff isn’t able to handle are swept under the rug. Until a breach occurs.

Executives need better, non biased information coming to them, and in a form that they can understand. Fathom Cyber can help.

Boards Seek More Active Cybersecurity Roles

When we are out talking to those in technology-oriented roles, such as CIO’s, CISO’s, and their staff, there is a perception that their Boards of Directors and executives don’t really care about cybersecurity.  While that may have been true a few years ago, there is a growing recognition by many on the Board and in the C-suite that they need to be more involved in cybersecurity.  They just struggle with how to get involved without having to be a cyber expert.  Fathom Cyber helps organizations bridge the gap between the C-suite’s business expertise and the IT team’s technical abilities.