Fathomable Cybersecurity

At Fathom Cyber, we saw all of the incredible tools that exist in the market today, and started to wonder why cybersecurity wasn’t more effective. When we looked at what happened with some of the biggest, headline-grabbing data breaches, we realized that those breaches didn’t occur because of a lack of tools. Instead, the tools either were not being used properly, or the output of the tools was being ignored. To us, this meant that cybersecurity didn’t need more tools; instead, it needed better oversight and governance. But we also recognized that the people in the best position to govern cybersecurity, the organization’s senior executives, were reluctant to take on that responsibility, because cybersecurity is perceived as being complex and dynamic, making it difficult to understand unless you are a cybersecurity expert.

The Fathom Cyber Mission

Fathom Cyber’s mission is to empower officers, directors, and other senior executives with the information they need to effectively govern cybersecurity. In short, we help senior executives fathom the unfathomable; or, more simply, we make cybersecurity make sense.

The Goal

This means that cybersecurity plans will be more comprehensive, and the corresponding increase in oversight will make it harder for issues like unpatched or misconfigured systems to persist in the organization for any length of time. It also means that organizations understand their cybersecurity shortcomings, can create plans for addressing those shortcomings, and can monitor the execution of those plans so that the entire organization understands its cybersecurity risk posture, risk tolerance, and its priorities. Without this fundamental information, even the best cybersecurity tools will only be of limited effectiveness.