Board-Level Advisory and Education

Board-Level Cybersecurity Education

Boards of Directors have a fiduciary duty to make sure that the organizations they represent are being properly run, and this includes cybersecurity and data privacy.  Shareholders and proxy services are increasingly seeking the removal of some or all of an organization’s directors where it is clear that the Board was not adequately involved in overseeing the organization’s cybersecurity and data privacy plans.

Director-level Awareness Training

At Fathom Cyber, our consultants understand that a Director’s roles in cybersecurity and data privacy are very different from that of a line employee, or even many senior executives.  That is why our consultants create customized training programs that educate individual Directors, and the entire Board, about their specific cybersecurity and data privacy roles and responsibilities.

Director-level Involvement

Once Directors understand the critical role they play in cybersecurity and data privacy, many Directors look for ways to become more involved.  Fathom Cyber’s consultants can create custom training that helps the Board better understand the kinds of information they should expect from the IT and security staff so the Board can better fulfill their governance obligations without having to become cybersecurity experts.  We also offer hands-on incident response exercises which allow your Directors and, if you wish, your executives, to test their skills and knowledge before an incident occurs.

Make Cybersecurity Make Sense

Through custom-tailored training and workshops, Fathom Cyber can make cybersecurity and data privacy make sense for your Board of Directors.