Executive Advisory and Training

Training and Advisory Services

Boards of Directors, officers, and employees all have different roles to play in cybersecurity.  So why should they all receive the same cybersecurity training?

Officer and other Executive Education

Your organization’s executives are responsible for the organization’s day-to-day operation, including its cybersecurity.  But those executives do not have time to become cybersecurity experts.  Fathom Cyber offers training that helps the executives bridge the gap from the business world to cybersecurity, making cybersecurity make sense for the executives.

Understanding your Organization

Unlike other cybersecurity education programs Fathom Cyber starts by understanding the way your organization operates and is structured.  We learn things like:

  • Who are the organization’s customers?
  • What is the organization’s purpose?
  • Where does the organization operate?
  • When an issue arises, what is a typical reporting process?
  • How is the organization structured?

The answers to these and other questions allow us to create cybersecurity education programs that are tailored to your organization’s leadership.