Maturity Assessments

Cybersecurity Maturity Assessments

An effective cybersecurity program begins with an independent review of your organization’s current maturity.  It is important that this maturity assessment be based on objective industry standards.  At Fathom Cyber, we recommend using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (“NIST CSF”) as the basis for maturity assessments.  The NIST CSF is the gold-standard for evaluating cybersecurity maturity, and is used by several national-level governments, including the U.S. and Italy, as well as public and private organizations.  This means your organization’s leadership can be confident that the organization is holding itself to the same high standards as governments and companies around the world.

Defining Where You Want to Go

Fathom Cyber’s consultants know that an understanding of the organization’s current state is only part of a true maturity assessment.  The organization also needs to define its cybersecurity goals, or target state, before it can truly understand its maturity.  Fathom Cyber’s consultants will lead your organization’s business and technology leaders through a series of exercises that help identify this target state.

Planning How to Get There

In most cases, there are significant gaps between the current and desired states.  The organization will likely need to address these gaps through a combination of tools, technologies, and processes.  Many organizations struggle with how to prioritize the filling of those gaps.  Fathom Cyber’s consultants help the organization with this prioritization by assessing the business impact of the issues addressed by the gaps, the cost and time to implement the solution, and other factors.  This helps the organization create a comprehensive, well-defined plan of how to move from its current state to its target state.  In short, Fathom Cyber’s consultants help make cybersecurity make sense.