Strategy Review and Advisory

Cybersecurity Strategy Review

These days, an organization’s cybersecurity strategy needs to address more than just antivirus scanning, patch management, and phishing training.  To create a well-defined cybersecurity strategy, an organization must:

  • align the organization’s ever-changing business priorities and structure to the underlying IT infrastructure;
  • objectively assess the organization’s current cybersecurity maturity;
  • define the organization’s risk tolerance and the corresponding desired maturity states;
  • identify gaps between the current and target maturity states;
  • set out a roadmap for addressing the gaps, based on organizational priorities, risk tolerances, budgets, resource availability, and other factors;
  • determine a set of internal processes and procedures necessary to maintain the current maturity state;
  • establish metrics by which the organization can measure, monitor, and assess its progress;
  • describe how those metrics will be reported to the organization’s senior executives; and
  • enforce the policies and procedures to create a cybersecurity-oriented culture that permeates the organization.

Creating Executive Cybersecurity

At Fathom Cyber, we call this kind of cybersecurity strategy “executive cybersecurity”, because it gives the organization’s executives the structure, tools, and information needed to take control over the organization’s cybersecurity without needing to become cybersecurity experts.

To have Fathom Cyber review your organization’s cybersecurity strategy, or to get advice on how your organization can achieve executive cybersecurity, please contact us.